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Matelas De Mousse Mémoire Gel

Matelas De Mousse Mémoire Gel

Dormez en parfait avec notre Matelas De Mousse Mémoire Gel Bed2Go. Conçu avec de la mousse mémoire infusée de gel Serene™ à cellules ouvertes, notre matelas vous permettra de dormir au frais, contrairement à la mousse mémoire régulière.

  • Fabriqué avec 3 couches de mousses premium
  • Mousse Serene insensible aux changements de température
  • Conçu pour éliminer les transferts de mouvement
  • Technologie Supportive Air™
  • Fonctionne avec notre base de lit ajustable
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Engineered For Perfect Balance


We carefully designed our Bed2Go Gel Memory Foam mattress to give you the optimal balance of comfort and support.

Finely-tuned for all sleeping positions, our premium comfort layers help relieve pressure points in your body and get the rest you deserve!


What's inside?

Our Bed2Go Memory Foam mattress:

Tencel™ Breathable Cover

Sleep fresh with our antimicrobial, breathable and washable cover made with Tencel™ eucalyptus fibers.

Gel-Infused Memory Foam

Release pressure points with a full layer of 2 inches of Serene™ open-cell gel-infused memory foam for the comfort layer.

Serene™ is a patented memory foam that keeps its firmness regardless of temperature changes compared to other memory foam mattresses.

Transition Layer

Transition layer is made of 2 inches of smooth foam designed to create a feeling of support between the harder base layer and the memory foam comfort layer and eliminate motion transfer between partners.

Support Base Layer

The base of our memory foam mattress is made of 6 inches of 2lb high density CertiPUR-US® foam that will last for years.

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How does our BedGo Memory Foam mattress compare?

With other popular bed-in-a-box brands:

Price (Queen Size) $700 $895 $1495
Made In Canada Canada USA/Import
Gel Foam Yes Yes No
Thickness 10" 10" 11"
Layers 3 3 3
Warranty 15 15 10
Sleep Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights 100 Nights
Free Shipping* Yes Yes Yes
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How to unpack your Bed2Go mattress

All of our mattresses are shipped in a convenient vacuum-packed roll that allows easy shipping. Here are the steps to install your new mattress:

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 1.

    1. Carry and remove

    Carry the mattresss to your room and remove it from the box.

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 2.

    2. Place on the bed

    Place the mattress on the edge of the bed.

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 3.

    3. Open the sealed bag

    Gently cut the sealed bag (be careful to not cut the underside of the mattress).

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 4.

    4. Let it expand

    Let the mattress expand for about an hour and you can sleep on it the same night!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unpack and install my new Bed2Go mattress?

  • Bring the box with the help or another person to the bedroom.
  • Open the box (be careful to not cut the tight vacuum-packed mattress inside) and remove the mattress from the box.
  • Place the rolled mattress on your mattress base, or on the floor.
  • Remove the shrink wrap, and cut the tape that holds the mattress rolled tight and folded.
  • Cut open the bag (again, be careful not to cut the fabric of the mattress) and the mattress will decompress in about 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Pull-off the plastic bag from the unfolded and decompressed mattress.
  • You can sleep on the mattress the first night, but it should take between 2 to 48 hours for the mattress foams to completely regain their shape back.

How long does shipping take?

After the order has been processed, fulfillment takes 1 business day. Shipping typically takes between 1 to 5 days in all 10 provinces of Canada. Once an order has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided to follow the delivery status of your order.