Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress (Which One Is for You?)

There is a big debate these days about which type of mattress is better between memory foam ones and the older but more common pocket coils ones.

So much money is spent marketing both, but especially towards the newer, trendier viscoelastic foam mattresses. There is benefits to those, and of course that's why we have our perfect Bed2Go™ Memory Foam Mattress available for sale :)

But they were mainly marketed the last 5 to 10 years because they were lighter, easier to ship, and cheaper to produce compared to 20-30 years ago when they first hit the market. Tempur-Pedic was the first brand to promote and mass-market those mattresses. They were, and still are, pretty heavy, very dense (high quality memory foam) and were (and still are!) pretty expensive.

So with the advances of technology it is now possible to buy a very good memory foam mattress for a fraction of the cost, and also most models on the market have gel that is infused in the memory foam to help dissipate heat, and sleep cooler.

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That being said, which one of those is the best for you? Well, there not a straight answer to that question. Even after making a big splash in the mattress market, pocket coils mattress held strong (they remained the highest selling type) and even made a little comeback lately, after many people tried memory foam and chose to come back to a pocket coil mattress, often selecting a firmer version when doing so.

That phenomenon can be explained many ways:

First of all, many of those memory foam mattresses are too soft to begin with, and/or are made using cheaper grade foams (under 1.8 pounds for the base/transition layers and under 3.0 pounds for the memory foam or "comfort layer") and people therefore have a bad experience with them, and are firmly turned-off by those types, often forever!

Many times also, they are made so firm that the foam doesn't contour the body at all, and people wake up with aches and pain. There is also the fact that many of them don't use the proper quantity of gel or none at all, and they sleep very hot in them.

And even with the best materials, and the perfect firmness, it's very possible you won't like to sleep in a memory foam mattress, meaning, with similar qualities and firmness degree maybe a pocket coil is the right choice because of the way the mattress "reacts".

Which brings us to pocket coils mattresses.

bed2go-the-sleep-blog-gel-memory-foam vs-spring-mattress-which-one-is-for-you

Being the oldest type of mattress made, it didn't changed much for the past 100 years since it was invented by James Marshall of Simmons/Serta. What mainly changed for the past 20 years, is the addition of more layers to one side of the mattress, and manufacturers stopped making mattress with both sides, or "flippable".

Companies also began to increase the amount of coils, or include layers of thousands of micro-coils. 

People began to want more and more comfort layers on top of their mattresses, and manufacturers answered by increasing those "euro-tops" and "pillow-tops" to sometimes ridiculous levels!

Which created a new problem, big, heavy, and soft sagging mattresses, because those huge comfort layers being very expensive to be of high quality, are often made of multiple cheap layers of materials.


So? What to choose between a hot and too soft memory foam mattress or a big, impressive, bulky but sagging pocket coils behemoth? 


None of the above, the answer is simple. Like the way a mattress should be built, well and SIMPLE. 

Our Bed2Go™ Memory Foam Mattress for example, is made of only 3 layers, each with a high quality material, and, the comfort is the perfect balance between support and contouring. Plus the cover is made of Bed2Go Tencel™ fibers fabric to help you stay cool and our Serene Foam is made to breathe and help dissipate heat during your sleep.

You should choose this mattress if you prefer a little slicker style of finish/top comfort (memory foam begin a flat surface), a more modern feeling, and have the lowest amount of motion transfer between partners (given your base/bed frame is solid and not wobbly).


And if you prefer the traditional feel of a mattress, the rigidity of a base that only comes with a pocket coil mattress, think "high-end luxurious hotel", then look no further than our Bed2Go™ Luxury Pocket Coils MattressAgain, our model is made using the best of old and modern attributes: no thousands of micro-coils and coils that can bend over each other. Only one layer of solid, 9 inches pocket coils. And the top layers only uses three main parts, the foam transition layer, 1 full layer of 1 inch of gel-infused-memory foam, with a high density convoluted foam to give you that final little squishy comfort on top! All of this wrapped in a more luxurious, but way more comfortable pillow-top (more durable, and more stable than cheaper euro-top technology) and topped-off with our Bed2Go Tencel™ fibers fabric to keep your body in a cooler environment.


Based on our experience, most people are already inclined to one type or another based on past experience, intuition, curiosity or a mix of those. Be assured at least with Bed2Go, we went through great lengths, and trials and errors to select and choose the models, materials and firmness that suits the vast majority of people. We hope this article only helped to sway you in the direction you feel is the good for you, and Bed2Go is the way to go for your next night of great sleep!

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