1 - Can I sleep on my new mattress right away?

Yes, you can sleep on your new mattress right away without any problem. If it’s a mattress-in-a-box, you should wait approximately 1 hour for most of the mattress foams and materials to decompress. Then it can take up to 48 hours for your mattress to completely regain back all the air that was removed from being vacuum-packed. If it’s a pocket coils mattress, it will take much less time than a memory foam or foam mattress because the coils will take back their shape and height immediately, and only the smaller portion of foam that is used in the top of the mattress will need to decompress. Sometimes some off-gassing might happen, but it is not harmful. This is only the smell of chemicals used to pour the foams. In that case, if it’s bothering you, simply let the mattress odors dissipate by opening a window, or in another room of the house, and it should go away in 24 to 48 hours!

2 - Is it better to have a softer or a harder mattress?

There is no rules when it comes to the firmness of a mattress. Not one type can "fix" back pain or make you sleep better. Some people need a firm mattress while some people need a softer one. In any cases, we at Bed2Go believe it's paramount to have a strong support, wether it is a foam base or a pocket coils base. Then the comfort layers, which define the type of firmness you will get, are gonna do the good job of making the mattress comfortable for you. Around 80% of the people are gonna gravitate towards a semi-firm mattress. Because it's gonna be comfortable for a variety of body sizes and sleepers type. As a rule of thumb it's better to have a slightly firmer than slightly too soft mattress because a mattress will always soften over time. Also, spinal pain is most often alleviated by a firmer mattress, while joint pain will be most often alleviated by a softer mattress, that is why contouring materials like memory foam and latex are very good at offering support while relieving pressure points. Our main mattresses are designed to offer strong support and top comfort that will allow you a deep, refreshing night of sleep!

3 - What are the benefits of memory foam?

Memory foam, also known as viscoelastic foam is a type of foam that was invented by NASA's Ames Research Center in 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. This type of foam with its open-cell structure allows to match the shape of the body when pressed against it with weight, and contour the body in a way that regular foam doesn't allow. It alleviates the pressure points and matches more accurately the body than traditional materials like wool, polyurethane foam or polyester fibers and fillers. A drawback of memory foam is the heat retention due to it's elasticity nature and the fact the body get "molded", and slightly "hugged" by the material, depending on how soft and thick the layer of memory foam that is used in the mattress. That's why the memory foam we use in our mattresses are all infused with gel to dispel heat away from your body.

4 - Will an adjustable bed really help me sleep better?

An adjustable bed might help you get a better night of sleep in several ways. By elevating the head a little higher it helps relieve pressure from the lower back area. Our spine is actually better aligned using a position called "Zero Gravity" than lying flat on a mattress. That is because our spine is actually curved and not straight. When we are standing up, usually our shoulder are slightly leaning forward, you actually have to put effort to make yourself "stand straight", So, when night time comes and we want to relax the body completely, lying straight pulls our hips upwards a little bit, creating pressure on the lower back.

Sleeping with our upper body a little higher than our lower body also helps alleviating symptoms of two other big ailments a lot of people suffer from: acid reflux and sleep apnea. By having the head higher, it helps opening up the airways a little bit, which can get partially blocked when suffering sleep apnea. And for acid reflux, acidity and reflux will simply tend to go downwards because of gravity. Raising the legs can help relieving pressure and pain in the knee joints, and also helps with blood circulation in the lower body. Having the massage option on the adjustable bed also helps with blood circulation, and overall relaxation effect, wether when you are trying to fall asleep, or even having a soothing awakening by using the function in the morning!! :)

5 - Are innersprings or pocket coils mattresses better than foam mattresses?

My old mattresses was better than those newer ones! Everything made nowadays is not good as it used to be! Things made in the past lasted longer! Is it all true? Well, there is some truth to those statements.

And about mattresses, everybody had coils mattresses in the past. Although 100% foam mattresses were available, they were very expensive and less popular because of it. Since foam used in the past was of very high quality, 2.2 lb/ft and more, it was very expensive. Wonder why mattresses were so tough in the past? Well, first of all the coils they were using was a very low gauge (which means a thicker wire was used to make the coil) compared to what is used nowadays. And the thinner pieces of foam used on both sides (remember when we could flip a mattress?) was very dense. Simple to compare, older mattresses, even thought they were around 10 inches of thickness, were more heavy than the bigger mattresses sold on the market today.

So does that mean coils mattresses are better? Not if you use a high quality foam, with a comparable quality to quality coils systems. The problem with that is that high quality foam price has exploded in the past 20 years. And that is precisely why so many mattresses are sagging quickly. Most manufacturers try to keep prices down. Have you noticed that prices of mattress have not increased in those last 20-30 years? And even went down in some cases! This is not all manufacturers fault either! We have some responsibility has consumers. We all try to pay less, and especially when it comes to mattresses. Who wants to pay for a box of fabrics and foam that we can not brag about ;) ? Nothing is cool about purchasing a new mattress! So without realizing it, we drag the overall business down. So manufacturers are cutting corners in order to increase the profit margin.

So with all of that said, both pocket coils and foam mattresses are good. It only depends on the quality of materials used in the making of the mattress. Since the very high quality materials are out of reach for most people nowadays, you have to find the best quality/price ratio. Here is some quick tips: for foam, you want 1.8 lb/ft at least for regular polyurethane foam. Anything under that will sag pretty quick. But 2.0 lb/ft should be what you are looking for. Anything over that will be very durable, but cost considerably more. As for the coils, you will want 13.5 caliber or LOWER. If you look closely in the specifications of the mattresses you are shopping, you will find a lot of mattresses use 14, 14.5,14.75 or even higher caliber! The steel wire used in those is very thin and light, and will bend and flatten in less than 3-5 years depending on the weight and body type of the sleeper.

Memory foam has to be even higher density due to it's soft and flexible nature. Good memory foam will be around 3 lb/ft of density. Very good one will be 4 lb/ft and up. Anything under that will not last long, and will lose all the great benefits and properties memory foam has very quickly.

We at Bed2Go use 2.0 lb/ft foam in all of our mattresses, 4 lb/ft memory foam in all of our memory foam mattresses, and 13.5 and 12.5 gauge pocket coils in all of our pocket coils mattresses.

That's also where we come in! By cutting a lot of middlemen, you can buy a high quality mattress with us and still have a great price!!