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Bed2Go Hybrid Mattress

Bed2Go Hybrid Mattress

If you prefer the supporting comfort and firmer feel of pocket-coils than foam based mattresses, our luxurious hotel-style Bed2Go Hybrid mattress is the right model for you! Built with a real pillow-top, which gives more support and durability than the widely sold euro-top mattresses. Top layers include a 1 full inch layer of gel-infused memory foam to provide adaptability. With a semi-firm to slightly firm feel, it is perfect for all types of sleepers!

  • Quilted max cooling cover with 1.5" 2lb convoluted foam.
  • 3 zones pocket coils with center lumbar support.
  • 1" full-layer of 4lb open-cell gel infused memory foam.
  • 2" layer of 2lb support foam.
  • Double-layered felt padding.
  • Foam encased perimeter support base.
  • 100% canadian-made with CertiPUR foams.
  • Works with our adjustable bed.
Twin:  660 coils Full: 950 coils Queen: 1100 coils King: 1350 coils
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Engineered for perfect balance


We carefully designed our Bed2Go Hybrid mattress to give you the optimal balance of comfort and support.

Finely-tuned for all sleeping positions, our premium comfort layers help relieve pressure points in your body and get the rest you deserve!

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What's inside?

Our Bed2Go Hybrid mattress:

Tencel™ Breathable Cover

Sleep fresh with our antimicrobial, breathable and washable cover made with Tencel™ eucalyptus fibers.

Serene™ Gel Memory Foam

Release pressure points with a 1 inch full layer of 4lb Serene™ open-cell gel-infused memory foam for the comfort layer.

Serene™ is a patented memory foam that keeps its firmness regardless of temperature changes compared to other memory foam mattresses.

Transition Foam

Transition layer is made of 2 inches of smooth foam designed to create a feeling of support between the harder base layer and the memory foam comfort layer and eliminate motion transfer between partners.

Tri-Zone Pocket Coils

Up to 1350 double tempered pocketed coils that reduces motion transfer and firm support.

Center third coils are 25% firmer than head and foot coils to give greater support where we have the most weight: between our knees and shoulders.

360° Edge Support

Foam encase perimeter prevents sagging when sleeping on the edge, and gives a better comfort preventing feeling the pocket coils.

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How does our BedGo Hybrid mattress compare?

With other popular bed-in-a-box brands:

Bed2Go Hybrid
Endy Hybrid
Logan & Cove
Price $950 $1250 $1299
Warranty 15 Years 15 Years 15 Years
Thickness 13" 13" 14"
Topper Style Pillow-Top Euro-Top Pillow-Top
Foam Edge Yes No Yes
Gel Foam 1" No 1.75"
Coils Count (Queen Size) 1100 1000 828
Sleep Trial 100 Nights 100 Nights 120 Nights
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*Shipping fees may apply for some remote areas.

How to unpack your Bed2Go mattress

All of our mattresses are shipped in a convenient vacuum-packed roll that allows easy shipping. Here are the steps to install your new mattress:

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 1.

    1. Carry and remove

    Carry the mattresss to your room and remove it from the box.

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 2.

    2. Place on the bed

    Place the mattress on the edge of the bed.

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 3.

    3. Open the sealed bag

    Gently cut the sealed bag (be careful to not cut the underside of the mattress).

  • Bed2Go Mattress Company - How to unpack your mattress-in-a-box step 4.

    4. Let it expand

    Let the mattress expand for about an hour and you can sleep on it the same night!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I unpack and install my new Bed2Go mattress?

  • Bring the box with the help or another person to the bedroom.
  • Open the box (be careful to not cut the tight vacuum-packed mattress inside) and remove the mattress from the box.
  • Place the rolled mattress on your mattress base, or on the floor.
  • Remove the shrink wrap, and cut the tape that holds the mattress rolled tight and folded.
  • Cut open the bag (again, be careful not to cut the fabric of the mattress) and the mattress will decompress in about 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Pull-off the plastic bag from the unfolded and decompressed mattress.
  • You can sleep on the mattress the first night, but it should take between 2 to 48 hours for the mattress foams to completely regain their shape back.

How long does shipping take?

After the order has been processed, fulfillment takes 1 business day. Shipping typically takes between 1 to 5 days in all 10 provinces of Canada. Once an order has been shipped, a tracking number will be provided to follow the delivery status of your order.